No more fiddling with removing the valve stems from your tyres and the chance of losing them in the sand. Or squatting, kneeling or bending for long periods while inflating or deflating your tyes. Now, thanks to the new MAXTRAX INDEFLATE, the task of deflating or inflating tyres is a fast and simple task. MAXTRAX INDEFLATE features a built-in pressure gauge that allows you to easily and precisely deflate or inflate two tyres simultaneously, automatically equalising the pressure between the two tyres. Simply attach the quick-release chucks to the valves, and slide the MAXTRAX INDEFLATE body to open the valve and accurately deflate two tyres to the same pressure simultaneously. Inflating is simple too. Just attach a compressor hose to the MAXTRAX INDEFLATE and inflate two tyres to the same pressure at once. Too easy!

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