CTC640 – Cape Bedford

If you have never been to Cape Bedford… then add it to your bucket list. It’s beautiful! Join the crew from creek to coast as they explore For North Queensland.

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CTC633 Maxtrax

Check out the crew from Creek to Coast as they put MAXTRAX to the test in some tough conditions.

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MAXTRAX Heavy Truck Test

If you thought you own 4WD was heavy… wait until you see some of these heavy army vehicles and how MAXTRAX was used to rescue even the heaviest vehicles.

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Here we have some serious 4WD adventurers. As you will see… these guys don’t go anywhere without their MAXTRAX.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying about MAXTRAX.

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SERIOUS TRACTION   Specially designed, located and orientated to fit into the grooves of your tyre tread, the rounded teeth on the top surface of the MAXTRAX provide excellent traction whether your tyres are wet, dry, or full of sand, mud or snow; and they won’t damage your tyres.

HUGE FOOTPRINT   Just like dropping your tyre pressures, the large, high traction surface allows your vehicle to gain the momentum to get you moving again. When it comes to floatation over soft ground, size matters! MAXTRAX provides a huge 115 cm long x 33 cm wide ‘footprint’ providing excellent flotation and  “MAXimum TRAXion”.

AND A SHOVEL   When inverted, the underside of the ramps on either end of the MAXTRAX can be used as a shovel to clear debris from around the tyres and underbody components prior to attempting the recovery.

UNDERSIDE GRIP   Large lugs on the bottom surface of the MAXTRAX bite into the ground to provide sure-footed grip.

COMFORTABLE HANDLES   Six comfortable, ergonomic handles make carrying, digging and manoeuvring your MAXTRAX easy.

INNOVATIVE KEYHOLES   Unique keyhole features designed for linking, pegging or mounting your MAXTRAX using our range of specially designed accessories.

DESIGNED BY EXPERTS   MAXTRAX were designed in Australia by multi-Australian Design Award-winning industrial designers.

BUILT TO LAST   We use only the best ingredients! MAXTRAX are Injection-moulded from the highest quality Australian made UV-stabilised engineering-grade ‘super tough’ reinforced Nylon.

TESTED BY EXPERTS   Engineering laboratory tested at the University of Queensland.

STRONG   Deep structural beams running the length of the MAXTRAX easily bear the weight of a fully-laden 4WD over soft terrain.

NESTING DESIGN   MAXTRAX nest tightly together for ease of storage and transport, and to provide increased load capability.

AUSSIE BORN & BRED   Proudly invented, designed, made, tested and owned by Australians.