Please follow the instructions on this page carefully when fitting and using the official MAXTRAX Mounting Pins.

Note 1. Manufacturing tolerances (of +/-1%) may affect these dimensions slightly so please check these dimensions against your MAXTRAX before drilling. As a safety measure, the pins SHOULD be mounted vertically so that the MAXTRAX are carried horizontally.

Note 2.  You will need to trim 15mm off the thread for use in channel-type roof bars. Apply lubricant to thread prior to tightening nuts. Tighten using hand tools; DO NOT tighten with power tools.

Note 3. Ensure pins are aligned so that the padlock hole in the top 'knuckle' is visible once the MAXTRAX are locked down.

Note 4. For additional security, fit a small padlock through the most easily-accessible mounting pin. A wire combination padlock is the best option (they are readily available and you can't lose the key!).


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