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Why do people love their MAXTRAX? Below are more than 50 testimonials from all over the world to give you an idea.
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"WOW!! That was easy! After seeing MAXTRAX in several overlanding videos from Expedition Overland and others, my wife and I decided to by a set of MAXTRAX as a preventative measure. On our last trip to Colorado, we went over the Medano Pass Trail that starts in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The trail is not anything tough, but without much moisture, in the area, the sand on the first half of the trail was powder dry. Going in with a bit too high of tire pressure left our LR4 stuck pretty solidly. Out came the MAXTRAX! A little digging at all four wheels, jam them under the front, light throttle and out she came 1st try! Thank you for such an innovative product!"

Justin and Sandra, Oklahoma, USA


"... they have gotten me out of trouble more times than not. I don't go anywhere without them now as I have become so reliant on them. We are planning a trip on the beach up at Double Island Point over Christmas and I won't head up there without them, specially towing a camper. You have developed a unique product that all 4WD owners should never leave home without."

Rob Lawnton, QLD

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your product is awesome! Was down at the local mud-hole over the weekend when I bogged down my truck in a tank-trap...and unfortunately, I was the recovery vehicle (wheeling with Sami's and Jeeps in a full-size). A fellow saw our troubles, and came over with these orange plastic boards; and guaranteed we would be out before lunch. Long story short, MAXTRAX came to the rescue; what normally would have resulted in hours of digging and cursing was cut down to a couple of minutes. Thanks! Keep rocking your awesome product!"

Adam, Port Coquitlam, Canada

"Our 4WD club trekked to Lake Yeo, WA for Easter. The 3rd vehicle to cross the salt pan lost traction and ended up sideways off the track. We thought it would take hours to extract the vehicle. We were first time users of MAXTRAX. Four MAXTRAX had the vehicle out in no time! Our new motto: 'Don't Leave Home Without 'Em.'"

John, Lake Yeo, WA

"Just wanted to say that I recently had the chance and opportunity to use MAXTRAX. I received a pair for Xmas last year, however was unable to use them during our heavy winter here in the Midwest. Went off-roading last week and got stuck in some sand and got the MAXTRAX out and was able to get out quickly and safely. Plan on getting some for my wife's van. Great product."

EC, Kansas, USA

"Training for the 2015 Gazelle Rallye was my first experience using MAXTRAX in the sand dunes. They get amazing traction and were easy to use. I bought a set because at TOTAL CHAOS we know you get what you pay for. Great products dude!"

Nicole Corona, California

"Seriously, MAXTRAX are the best thing since sliced bread. I got my original set about a year ago and its the best pice of equipment I have on my 4WD by far. It helped me and a lot of my friends who thought I was joking, but they got the bakkies out where even the tractors could not. Really, the guy who invented this is a genius, really. Please can I have another set, hahaha! But really its a great, great piece of equipment. Thanx."

Marko, South Africa

"Bloody hell! What a day, backpackers got the old Toyota bogged to the diffs (it's very sandy here) we tried to dig and pack with sticks, no deal. Busted out the MAXTRAX and drove straight out. Then this arvo, we bogged a semi, yeah, a semi, with a trailer with 157 bales of hay! We tried to pull it out with the tractor, no deal. I grabbed the MAXTRAX, everyone thought I was joking, you wouldn't believe it, they worked! They're the only reason we don't still have a semi-trailer stuck up the back right now. If I wasn't so freaked out and working hard to get it out I would have taken a photo."

Matt Atherton, Tablelands, QLD

"I bought my MAXTRAX a few weeks ago after one too many stucks in the sand. I haven't been stuck since, but I came across an oil & gas pipeline patrol Fortuner stuck up to his axles this morning with no hope of self recovery. I stopped and pulled the brand new MAXTRAX out of the back of my car, a quick dig to clear the wheels and drove straight out in about 2 minutes. He couldn't believe how quick & easy it was and no snatch required! He told his colleague on the phone while I packed up. I imagine his company will be under pressure to buy a few sets now! Best off-road accessory I've ever bought. They aren't cheap, but they're worth every penny."

Andrew, Dubai, UAE

"I borrowed a mate's set of MAXTRAX for a beach trip and used them when stuck on a sand dune crest. It took 3-5 minutes to put them in place and 30 seconds to back off the dune! In the old days it would have been 10 trips into the dunes to destroy the local flora for traction and 20 minutes of digging with the long handled shovel. The next day I helped a guy on a soft beach who would have been washed away by an incoming tide. My lovely wife then bought me a set a week later for my birthday. I wont be going bush without them; worth their weight in gold!"

Graham, Nailsworth, SA

"After testing many different traction devices and sand ladders, there is no question that MAXTRAX are head and shoulders above the competition. MAXTRAX are lightweight, durable and shockingly effective. After putting them to the test in just about every situation, including running stock trucks through the most daunting dunes of the Sahara, I will never drive off-road without them."

Emily Miller, Rod Hall Racing, USA

"As a word of note, your product is awesome! I was unbelievably stuck in snow this past Saturday! I have a large heavy truck and two 10,000lbs winches couldn't get me out! I dug for a while and your ladders got me out with the assistance of the winches! Not two hours later, on out way out from the snow, I got stuck once again in slick gooey mud in a pouring rainstorm! Once again my friend's MAXTRAX got me out! Hence the reason I so hastily am ordering my own sets. I will never leave home without them again!"

Scott, Sagle, Idaho, USA

"I'm a lone traveler with a fully-laden 200 Landcruiser and Crossover camper trailer; total weigh 5.5 tonnes. MAXTRAX got me out of a 'down to the axles' sticky marsh in the Jardine River National Park on dark, and two days later out of super soft dry sand at a creek mouth that took three repositions but worked fine. Haven't had to use my winch yet. I've been seriously off-roading in sand and mud since 1974 and these are the simplest and easiest system I have come across. Great product, well done. I am going to buy a second set when I get to Cairns."

Gary Seisia, Cape York, QLD, Australia

"I just wanted to let you know that the MAXTRAX came through with flying colours for the trip and we simply could not have done it without them. Incredibly in the 14,500 km journey, we only had to use them once, but gee we were glad we had them when the ute got well and truly bogged on the Birdsville Track."

Bruce / AcrossOZ, QLD

"On behalf of the 30 or so people I’ve saved so far with MAXTRAX, I would like to say thanks for such a fantastic product. Shame that mine is showing wear yet I’ve not used them myself just yet. ?Nearly everybody that we help always asks for info on how to buy them etc, I point them in the direction of your website or the local BCF or Supercheap Auto. ?I came across another family whilst at Bribie Island last weekend and I had to help them yet again and they advised that they forgot what the product was that I previously helped them with. I would be more than happy to hand some brochures/promo items out when I’m telling everyone how good this product is."

Tim, Brisbane, QLD

"We’ve rescued our Toyota, a Jeep, a brand new Defender (a guy who had all the gear but no idea) and of course, the MAXTRAX have made us feel more confident in going places we’d previously not have attempted. We’ve driven through the desert, the mud, the beach and the bush. Just brilliant."

Ian, Bathurst, NSW

"My motto is “The Remote Outback…Tracks Less Traversed”. As a specialized Off Road Tour Operator, I was enthused when I read about MAXTRAX at the time they were first released, so I asked my wife to buy 2 (meaning 1 pair). When they arrived I was concerned to find she had acquired two pairs!! Soon after I was touring in the Simpson Desert, struggling to pull the trailer over powdery dune tops – the four MAXTRAX came to my rescue & the customers were very pleased my wife had brought two pairs, when I related the above story.
On subsequent tours into the Simpson, I thought it prudent to have a MAXTRAX for each wheel, so I now have six. This acquisition proved very beneficial on my second tour through Boggy Hole, in the Finke Gorge National Park, this year. After a year’s rain denying access through Finke Gorge, I was carrying Canadians on the 1st May, and after walking across upstream section of Boggy Hole Billabong, I decided to attempt to drive through the water along the track alignment not used for over a year. ‘Mistake’! The rear left wheel dropped into a quicksand mire. An hour later I reached the opposite bank after using Kangaroo Jack, shovel & six MAXTRAX to the utter delight of my English & Canadian customers.
This incident highlights the marvel of MAXTRAX as a recovery device, as my vehicle is not fitted with a winch, which has concerned some customers. On occasions when I have been bogged and extracted myself with the aid of MAXTRAX, astute customers have remarked that a winch would have been useless as there was no anchorage within cooee. (I travel solo.)"

Harry Osborn Ossie's Outback 4WD Tours, Alice Springs, NT

"As a current MAXTRAX owner of a number of years with my private 4x4 vehicle, I have had the opportunity to utilize your product on a number of occasions in varied 4x4 recovery situations with positive outcomes on each application.
Yesterday, we attend a Patient who had had a farm accident in a remote location that required a 4x4 Ambulance. Whilst exiting the area we became bogged in wet granite sand country, with the entire passenger side of the vehicle bogged to the side rails, our 4x4 Ambulance is equipped with an electric winch and the necessary recovery equipment to affect a recovery in most situations, in addition the Paramedics on this occasion were certified in its use. A bystander with a modified 4x4 who attempted to bring his vehicle into a recovery position also became bogged to a far greater degree than ourselves.
The bystander produced a set of MAXTRAX from his vehicle stating he had only used them in sand but we where welcome to use them. Having had personal experience with MAXTRAX in wet sandy mud we used them in conjunction with the vehicle's winch to extricate our vehicle by providing a ramp up out off the boggy ground. We then used the MAXTRAX a few hundred metres further down the track in their traditional manner to extricate the Ambulance when again we became bogged.
The real advantage is, unlike the electric winch and other recovery equipment we believe to be essential recovery hardware, the MAXTRAX has no moving parts or equipment under duress with potential harmful out comes if used incorrectly, and has the ability to be a rapidly deployed recovery device that may make a real difference to our patients outcome forgoing the prolonged time frame to set up a safe winching operation."

Chris (Paramedic), NSW

"We finally got to use them when our son got bogged in the sunset country a couple of months ago. He was there for a couple of hours alone trying to get out, called us, and my husband and other son went out to pull him out, but he didn't tell them on the phone how bad he was bogged. When they got there they tried winching for ages then our other son got bogged, so my husband called home for me to bring the MAXTRAX in to a mate in Mildura, so he could take them to him. When he got there with them, 2 sets, they were straight out."

Pam, Dareton, NSW


"Hi there. Just got back from Fraser Island. Got severely bogged on west coast in quicksand. Car sinking at fast rate. 2 MAXTRAX on back wheels got me out of a vehicle-disappearing debacle. Would have got it on video but everything was happening too quick. It was just amazing to watch how it all worked. Carried the MAXTRAX for about 7 years. 1st time used it saved my car. Great product. Thanks Martin"

Martin, Fraser Island, QLD

"I recently bought 4 x MAXTRAX though RACQ as part of our recovery gear for Fraser Island holidays. All 4 x MAXTRAX were used together 10 times in total to recover seriously weighted vehicles, towing camper trailers in super hot, dry and deep powdery sand. The recovery process every time was easy, ( just as your CD demonstration\'s says). Each time the trucks just popped up to the surface and even if if took two or three times of laying of the MAXTRAX to finally get free, it was a walk in park compared with winching and using second vehicle for a snatch and pull. We never even got a sweat up doing the job. Note: all drivers were experienced 4x4, with heavy, high and powerful trucks. Rather, the challenge which caused the use of MAXTRAX was tight corners, heavily rutted, loose sand and camper trailers, fully loaded (just under 1700 kg per trailer). Please note:- no damage to the MAXTRAX, the users or the vehicles during the easy process. Plus our confidence in this great product (for our next trip - to cross the Simpson from west to east in July 2013 - pulling camper trailers) is worthy of the MAXTRAX name and reputation. I can not speak too highly of them."

Kerry, Tana Merah, QLD

"Hey guys, I've got a set of your MAXTRAX and I can't fault them, they have saved my butt on the odd occasion or two. I'd like to put your sticker on my truck, if you've got any spare. Thanks again."

Dan, Wondunna, QLD

"We just completed the Vegas to Reno off road race (longest in the US at 540 miles) and MAXTRAX saved us twice in some ridiculous silt beds up near MM 371! We would have been stuck for hours, but pulled them out, under the rear wheel and it gave enough momentum to get going again. No idea how we would have made it out. Would have taken us an hour to dig out. Thanks!"

Jonathon Baja / Bust Racing, Reno, Nevada

"I just wanted to let you know that I think your product is the best recovery item you can own. I was at Fraser Island late last year and the MAXTRAX I took along recovered 6 separate vehicles that were stuck on the inland tracks. One in particular was at Ngkala Rocks. They had been stuck for quite a while and the first vehicles to try and snatch them out managed to get stuck as well. It was a busy period and the line to cross was getting very long. Along I came with the MAXTRAX and first go both were out and people got to enjoy the beautiful Sandy Cape. Thanks!!!!"

Ben, Oxley, QLD

"Have owned 1 pair for over 2 years, and used them once to do a self recovery. I have recently helped a brand new Toyota 200 series, Patrol wagon and Patrol Ute, all bogged in the salt flats around Broome, all in 1 day! Which convinced me that a second pair would be even better, so I bought another pair. They're not cheap but a great investment and they are the best. They proudly sit on the side of the roof rack. I'm sure they'll be put to use with the tourist season about to start up here soon. Its amazing that they are used to recover other 4WD's who never seem to have any recovery equipment themselves. So please, if you haven't already got MAXTRAX...go and get some, you'll be glad you did."

Carl, Broome, WA

"I bought my original set from you direct probably 10 years ago? I have used them dozens of times helping others, (I spend allot of time on the beaches of the North Coast of NSW) but only twice for myself, but both times were absolutely desperate, and I am certain without them things would have progressed from sticky to expensive very, very quickly. Thanks for such a great product."

Rob, Elanora Heights, NSW

"I'm in the Army and I recently discussed the pros and cons of MAXTRAX with the boss. The result: each of our sub-Units was issued a set. In the first week of carrying MAXTRAX on my vehicle, I had used them to recover 6 vehicles. These included two Mercedes Benz Unimog (GVM 12000Kg) trucks and one Humvee! Throughout, the MAXTRAX retained their strength and form and were ready for the next recovery. The quick recoveries that we were able to achieve utilising MAXTRAX meant we could get on with our scheduled tasks which eliminated the risk of injury. These items are now part of our essential field kit."

Scott, VIC

"CSIRO's Marine Debris Project has just completed a crossing of the Nullarbor from Adelaide to Perth (April 16-27, 2012) via coastal beaches every 100km to survey for the presence of marine debris. Getting in to Israelite Bay via Balladonia proved a real challenge and we twice needed to use MAXTRAX to recover ourselves from soft sandy tracks where lowering our tyre pressures didn't seem like an option because of low clearance. We were very impressed and relieved with how well MAXTRAX worked! I'd recommend MAXTRAX for any single-vehicle off road journey, particularly (as in our case) where the vehicle is not equipped with a winch."

Matt, CSIRO, Hobart, TAS

"Here's a photo of MAXTRAX about to get me out of the mud on Cave Hill Road in Western Australia. A bunch a guys in big vehicles coming the other way said I'd never make it in the Tiguan, especially towing a camper, but we got through. Needed the MAXTRAX a couple of times, but still made it."

Tracey, WA

"I'm just having a say that I'm really really impressed with your product. I recovered 2 vehicles within 10 minutes and I have to say it is a great design and I am very happy with it!! 10/10 on this product!!"

Alec, AUS

"I just had to put "pen to paper" and provide some feedback on MAXTRAX. In the Victorian High Country last weekend, it had rained overnight, so on returning home, we encountered some recently graded bush tracks/roads that had been turned into a slippery and sloppy mess. Whilst traversing a bend on an uphill section, the vehicle understeered (perhaps a little too much right foot !!) and came to a halt in the soft graded dirt on the side of the road. Being an uphill gradient, traction was nigh impossible, particularly with a tonne of camper trailer hanging off the back. Whilst arrangements were made with our travelling companions ahead of us to return with extra snatch and winch extension straps, we thought we would give the MAXTRAX a go. I was amazed at how well they worked. We fed them under the back wheels because that was where the most weight was and through trying both front and back, the best results were to be had. On each application, we were able to gain 3 or 4 metres before the spinning wheels halted our forward progress again. We repeated this process about 6 times until finally the vehicle could gain enough traction to get underway again. I now feel confident in the knowledge that our MAXTRAX perform as stated and they will get us out of strife when needed.
This was the first time we have had to use the MAXTRAX, but they really saved us from what could have been a protracted recovery process. To my mind, they paid for themselves there and then. They were somewhat of a pain to clean when we got home, but what a small price to pay in the big scheme of things !!"

David, Kilsyth South, VIC

"In my most recent trip to Australia, I bought a couple of MAXTRAX, and bring them back to Chile. Most people don't know much about MAXTRAX over here, so at the beginning most people say to me “… It´s a waste of money, you should buy a winch instead of those plates…”
The first time I used them was on the Ritoque Sand dunes, and they take me out from the sand just like in the videos… quick and easy, but the most impressive story begins when a couple of weeks ago, a friend who was traveling to Bolivia in his annual leave, got stuck in a Ford Expedition with 5 kids on it (close to 3500 kgs !!!), in the middle of the Uyuny salt lake with torrential rains and floods all around. He got stuck in the middle of the flood completely alone, in a very remote area, with no possible points to winch the car. Fortunately, he borrow my MAXTRAX before he leaves saying “Just in case I need them”. Well, actually just because MAXTRAX did their job, he was able to get out of the salt lake and keep going, otherwise, he had to be forced to leave the car abandoned and start walking with all his kids 20 kilometres at 4500 meters above the sea level until they will reach the first small town to get some help. Basically, MAXTRAX help him and his family to avoid a severe risk of getting lost, lose the car, and be exposed to the floods in the Bolivian high grounds. After all, he keep going on his trip, went to Amazons region and uses them 5 more times… He came back to Chile safe and happy, and give me as a thanks action a nice bottle of wine.
Your product is just awesome. Later in March I will be back in Australia, and definitely will buy another couple."

Igor, Chile

"Just finished an all-ladies Morocco off road training class. Had a couple of opportunities to showcase the MAXTRAX in real world situations. Well let me tell, Rod Hall is impressed!"

Rod Hall Racing, USA

"I recently returned from a solo excursion into the Simpson Desert, only a few days before the end of the 2011 season. My goal was to climb Big Red, but with so much water around following recent rains, I wasn't even sure if I was going to make to the bottom of Big Red, let alone the top! I got bogged three times within 24 hours - one of which took three hours to self recover. On each occasion, MAXTRAX saved the day. I did not see another vehicle the entire time I was in the Simpson, and without any trees to winch off, it was MAXTRAX to the rescue each time. I have no doubt that without MAXTRAX I would have been on the sat phone back to Birdsville and up for a very expensive recovery.
Thanks MAXTRAX!"

Daniel, NT

"I got bogged belly deep on a beach on the mid-north coast of NSW. With the tide coming in and hitting the side of the 4WD we did some frantic digging and used the MAXTRAX. They lifted the 4WD out of the hole with ease. They are simple to use and I would say better than a winch in emergency situations. They paid for themselves after one use. Thanks MAXTRAX"

Ross Mardi, NSW

"Just a note to let you know MAXTRAX saved me lots of time. In one of the many silt beds in this years Baja 1000, my H3 Hummer got hi-centered, and thanks to MAXTRAX we were stopped 11 minutes not 55 minutes. I was able to earn my 22nd Baja 1000 win. Lets go racin'!"

Rod Hall, La Paz, Mexico

"I thank you for an awesome MAXTRAX have paid for themselves over the last few years."

Austin, Frisco, Texas

"It's a good thing I bought MAXTRAX prior to my trip to Oceano Dunes in California......I self recovered 4 times...with my 2 little girls in the back seats."

Peter, Oceano Dunes, California

"I am a big fan of MAXTRAX– have a set and the wife has given the green light for a second set next time they come on special. They have saved us on several occasions!"

Adam Norwood, SA

"Max Adventure have been working with MAXTRAX for 5 years now, so ensuring that all of our vehicle expeditions have been a success. Having a vehicle stuck in a remote location when far from help is more than just an inconvenience, it can become a life-threatening situation very quickly. With MAXTRAX carried by each expedition vehicle, we are always fully prepared for any challenging condition we may encounter, whether it’s soft sand, deep mud or snow.
In 2012, the team, equipped with two expedition prepared Nissan Patrols flew to Yakutsk in Siberia to undertake the ‘coldest road’ journey as part of the ‘Driven to Extremes’ television series. Aired globally on Discovery Channel to over 300 million households, it featured a Hollywood ‘A list’ actor and an ex Formula 1 racer, who drove 600 miles along the infamous ‘Road of Bones’ to Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on earth. Our 4x4 vehicles were equipped with the MAXTRAX recovery system to cope with the icy conditions of Siberia, where temperatures plummeted to a staggering -60°C. Five months later, and with more celebrities, we were in the Taklamakan Desert to drive across the hottest region in China, where the mercury hit a sweltering 50°C. Again, our vehicles were equipped with MAXTRAX, which kept the team moving through the tough sandy conditions. Four months later, we were in Malaysia driving one of the toughest tracks in the jungle. Again MAXTRAX were the recovery system of choice.
Our latest challenge was to drive 3 new model and unmodified, Vauxhall Vivaro vans from Europe’s most westerly road in south-west Ireland to Asia’s most easterly, the remote city of Magadan in Siberia. Covering 12,000 miles through 20 countries in just 2 months would be an extreme test of the equipment and team, 3 of whom were ex soldiers suffering from Combat Stress due to their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrain varied from desert tracks in Turkmenistan, slippery mud in Mongolia and loose gravel river crossings in Siberia. Attempting such a journey with low-slung 2-wheel drive vans was always going to be challenging and getting stuck was inevitable. However, with MAXTRAX making up the primary recovery system that we carried, we were able to negotiate whatever conditions we encountered. After 60 gruelling days, the team rolled into Magadan, the enormity of what we had undertaken finally sinking in. To drive 3 Vivaro vans along some of the toughest roads on the planet and reach the end with no mechanical failures is a true testament to the strength and reliability of the new model. As team members we'd done the easy part. Yes, the days were long, the sun was hot and the dust suffocating, but all the time we sat in our vehicles, they had to cope with the relentless pounding of the road underneath. The suspension was tested to the limit on thousands of miles of unmade roads, we'd hit massive pot holes more times than we cared to remember, we'd smacked both the engine sump and fuel tank guards regularly, and the engines had to pull fully laden vehicles across scorching deserts and over jagged mountains. Even with all this abuse, not one Vivaro had let us down, not once and neither did the MAXTRAX systems that got us out of trouble time after time. I am incredibly proud of the team for what they have achieved and the vans for the abuse they have endured, but I am also incredibly proud of our equipment sponsors such as MAXTRAX, who had such belief in us that they were willing to support our expedition with their superb products.
Max Adventure have plenty more extreme expedition planned for the future and we intend to continue working with only the best companies in the business to keep our teams alive and our vehicles moving. MAXTRAX is definitely one of those companies."

Mac Mackenney / Max Adventure, England, UK

"MAXTRAX saved us from a lot of grunting, swearing, cussin' etc, last week when we went on a fishing trip on the Roper River. We got properly bogged!"

Col, Roper River, NT

"On our last trip through Carnarvon we had on board a set of MAXTRAX (which I may add took a somewhat had sell to the Minister for War and Finance). In the deserted section of Ka Ka Mundi we experienced some difficulty in loose sand and I set about proving the validity of the purchase of the MAXTRAX. Off the roof and within minutes out and back on the track, yes we have an 8000lb winch fitted to the vehicle but the MAXTRAX were so quick so easy and so effective. Another vehicle had course to call on the MAXTRAX a few days later in the Salvator Rosa section of the park and yes he too is now sold on them. May I congratulate you and your company for a terrific robust quality product which is so time saving and easy to use."

Craig & Kimberley, Gympie, QLD

"After seeing your product demonstrated on TV, we purchased one set as a precaution for a recent beach camping holiday at Coffin Bay Nat Park over Christmas. We were so pleased that we did - after a week of constant holiday traffic the sandy track that we had entered the park on was cut up beyond belief when it came time for use to leave. Despite low pressure in the tyres and low range, we still got bogged. Thankfully the MAXTRAX were on the roof rack and we quickly had them under and tyres and on our way out of the bog! We were not the only ones to benefit as we help two more campers who came through the same stretch behind us - guess what? They were off to buy MAXTRAX for themselves once they got home! A great product for all 4x4 enthusiasts, both experienced and novice! ...only thought to grab the camera after we were out and on solid ground. As is often the case, it doesn’t really show how bad the sand was – oh and did I mention it was 44 degrees? We were towing a trailer and both other sets of people we helped out were towing boats. We had only been able to buy one set as our local BCF only had one set left when I went to get them. The remarkable thing was that even with the trailers, the MAXTRAX still worked, just by using them on the front tyres!
Thanks for an awesome product!"

Kevin & Nicola, Adelaide, SA

"Hey, thanks for sending me over the MAXTRAX, they really work! I've just had my driveway at home replaced with brick paving and the little lady's VW Golf was bogged down to the sills in the sand. MAXTRAX to the rescue! Extracted her without a snatch strap in sight. Yes I know it's not a classic recovery anecdote but nevertheless you know they've been put to good use!"

Sean, Hindmarsh, SA

"...we took off to our adventure, the crossing of the Simpson Desert along the Hay River and the French Line. During our eight days' trip through the Simpson, we got bogged twice, but our MAXTRAX saved the day. We would definitely not go into the Simpson without them. MAXTRAX are a vital safety item, especially if you're traveling with just one vehicle in remote regions."

Juergen, Dortmund, Germany

"Let me put it simply, if it were not for the MAXTRAX we would have not made it through the deep mud and soft sand during our epic 'First Across the Simpson Desert for 2012' journey. Flooding rain just two weeks prior to our departure from Mt Dare, on the western edge of the desert, meant on the very first day we encountered knee deep mud and water that looked like stopping the expedition in its tracks.
Our first Landcruiser became hopelessly bogged about one hundred metres into a two hundred metres long quagmire that was the track. No-one had used this track for three months so any firm ground had long since vanished. We were carrying several pairs of MAXTRAX and in the end we deployed all of them under the forward and rear wheels of the Cruiser to provide it some lift and traction in the ugly swamp that was the road. I won’t say it was easy work, because it wasn’t, but I can assure you that without the MAXTRAX there was no way that we were going to get across that flooded section of road.
The amazing thing was, that after working for about two hours with the MAXTRAX and shovels and getting the first Cruiser through, the rest of the vehicles then had established firm wheel tracks to follow, and we were able to continue our epic trip.
I’m sold on the value of the MAXTRAX. I won’t undertake any trip now without a set of them lashed to my four wheel drive and ready for any impossible situation."

Vic Wildman Great Divide Tours, First Across the Simpson Desert Expedition

"Just got back from Oman and a crossing of the Wahbia Sands. My friends' Landcruiser kept getting stuck and I put my two pairs of MAXTRAX to full use for a couple of days. Fantastic product. They just work, brilliantly. I love them. My winch now feels rejected."

Nick, Saudi Arabia

"I have used MAXTRAX in Ethiopia, out in the Danakil Depression, on our work vehicles (that are fitted out by Minecorp) and they will be one of the first things I will be buying for my own vehicle, as they saved my proverbial several times out there."

Ben, Perth, WA